Saturday, 12 October 2013

Marketing yourself as a stock Photographer

You have been the best stock photographer in your area you have the best collection yet your stock photos are not selling since your target audience don’t take you seriously since you are not really well known across the industry. So what are you really lacking that’s not letting you enter the league where your stock photos would have been selling like hot cakes and endorsing the covers of many a magazines and publications. Its time for you to have a relook at the various marketing and promotional activities that you are undertaking to make your mark felt in the world of photography.

Today most of the stock photos are sold online thus if you have a strong web presence chances are that you are going to sell more and more and earn in exponential figures. Selling online entails two types of selling one is via direct links and second is through referrals.

Direct links means people look out for stock photos on a particular subject and find links to your website or blog or even your photographs on someone else's website, order for the photos and pay you the money. Chances are that next time these customers will return to you directly thus bypassing the search engines. You need to have a strong presence on the web to sell stock photos this way. You need to be on the top of the search engines to get noticed by potential users.

You can even appoint referrals who are going to bring traffic (potential clients) to the place where you actually are selling your stock photos. This strategy is much in use in the online world not only for stock photos but for many products that are sold over the web. However this strategy takes a beating when compared with the direct links. Nothing is better than direct links.

Apart from that you need to have an understanding of social media that is playing an important part in the buying behavior of people all across the world. Social media is acting as a big influencer in the buying decisions taken by individuals and corporate customers. Have an impressive profile of yourself built on facebook, twitter and linkedin. If you are not on social media you are lacking one of the most modern and effective marketing tool that is free of cost and can take your marketing and sales campaign to new heights.

Google Plus and Pinterest especially for stock photos have helped many a stock photographers in recent times. Its time that we as photographers get hi tech and reach out to our target audience. Make sure that your online portfolio has a clear mention of your works that you have carried out in the past, your future plans, your ideas and of course your stock photos. Ensure that details about you are uniform all across the web. For example Facebook and twitter need to portray the same personality of you maybe in different colors.

Try some of the tips and get a bit of information about using the web for your commercial interests. In case you are too busy capturing photos outsource your digital marketing needs to a professional company that can take care of your website and social media activities. Just make sure that you keep the organization updated about your activities so that your potential clients know what you are up to and what to expect from you in future.

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