Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Selling your Wildlife Stock Photos in the market

Wildlife photographers love to explore new things with their lenses and are always excited to capture life into their cameras. The market of photographers is slowly heading towards a revolution. In recent times, good photographers can earn huge amount by selling their work in the market. Basically, when photographers want to sell or publish their work, the work is validated by experts in the industry. The main reasons photographers enter in the professional world of photography and stock photo business is money. However, one needs to plan and prepare to establish himself in the stock photo business properly.

Commercialization of wildlife photography

With wildlife photography being commercialized, stock photo business has taken a huge leap. Generally, a stockfotografie is an image for which the respective photographer owns copyrights. The photo is entirely his and the image can be used for multiple purposes by diverse clients. When photographers use his licensed photo, stock photo is sold. Initially, the outtakes of the Stock fotos resided with the agencies but later when stock photography market grew then the photographers realized that outtakes are not enough to meet the industry requirements. In recent times, stock photo agencies represent thousands of budding and expert photographers.

Competitiveness in Wildlife stock photo market

There are several reasons for an image to be turned into an amazing stock photo. If the client offers considerable compensation for the photo then only the image can be a stock photo. However, every image is not stock photo since clients don’t pay for every photo. Generally, stock photos have to be timeless with a tremendous appeal. The images of spectacular moments, a smiling or crying face or any generic subject can be a stock photo. There is no restriction on picking any subject. Photographers can choose any subject including wildlife as per their convenience.

Although photographers can pick any subject but certain subjects are tough to make into good stock photos due to redundancy in the market. There might be many other images present in the market of the subject, you have chosen. A photo which is shot as per any particular market can be spectacular good stock photo.

Since the market is progressively raising its standard so the challenges associated with stock photography are diverse. Wildlife photographers are extremely competitive so being only a good photographer is not enough to success. For this, incredible photography with unique images, a strong marketing plan, and solid business acumen is required.

Ways to cope up with challenges 

Normally, the place to initiate your photography business is to know what your photo is and where it would fit in the market. In every business; the image-files are a product line that is required to sell to clients in order to thrive.  Photographers must ask themselves following questions-

What do you love to capture? Who will buy what you will shoot?  How will you sell them in already established market?

In order to cope up with all the challenges of stock photos, if photographers know the area they love to capture then they can have better understanding of the market. Then, decide if you would love to capture for some local/ regional photographer. It will help the photographers in building product lines to sell them to clients. Finally, the success in wildlife photography is driven by passion.  Photography is a business in which success can’t be just measured on financial revenues. Sometimes, it takes years to build reputation and business. Keeping a clear plan and passion is necessary. Consider your photography life rather than a job.

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